Slogan of independent India was "Jai Jawan Jai Kisan".Now as the system has gone corrupt so nobody wants to go into army and no farmer wants to do agriculture .As growth of agriculture is not so much in accordance with other growths.So,we 1.5 percent population of the nation wants to promote the Jat to make a green nation which is needed for the polluted earth. Sikh religion is not a myth it is a history. Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji said "Kirat Karo Nam Japo atay Wand Shako " .He told the people that while living in society they should pray for God. Sh. Guru HarGobind Singh Ji told that "Bhagti and Shakti" both are needed. The Tenth Guru Gobind Singh Ji said wake up and know our rights and duties and stand up for them. Bani of all religions is in Sri Guru Granth Sahib. By giving Sangat and Pangat all the castes from Raja to Rank sit in the same line and are served langar. So, support and be a member of the Jat Sikh council to make a better nation.