The following clause embodies the basic founding principle ,which shall be permanent and entrenched. This clause may never be altered. The basis of the function of this congregation in all its affairs shall be to foster fellowship amongst the JAT SIKH brethren and work for the welfare of Jat Sikh community.

1.NAME OF THE SOCIETY: The Name of the society is THE JATT SIKH COUNCIL (hereinafter called "the council")

2.REGISTERED OFFICE: The Registered office of the society shall be at the first instance be situated at122, Master Tara Singh Nagar Market.opp D.C Office, jalandhar Division, jalndhar And hereafter the same may be shifted to such other place as may be the council

3. AIM &OBJECTIVES: The objectives of council are to:

I  Main Objects

(i) To express the views of the community to the local authortities and other organization;

(ii) To ascertain coordinate and reflect the views of the community which it represents and liaise with other communites within the area, and to fairly express the diversity of opinions and outlooks of the people;.

(iii) To promote the well-being of the community and to foster community spirit;

(iv) To create awareness and strive against this pest evil of dowry and also by putting the efforts in the form of arranging the collective marriages(PROVIDED THAT at least three members of the governing council will remain in office when the noticeof resignation is to take effect).

v. The first governing council is as under:

a. Mr.Kuljit Singh Hayer

b. S.Parminder Singh Hayer

c. S. Tarsem Singh Powar

d. S. Hariqbal Singh Shergill

e. S. Harmeet Inder Singh Mann

f. S. Narinder Pal Singh Kullar

g. S. Amardeep Singh Samra