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    (I) ELIGIBILITY:Only a Jat Sikh , Resident of India, NRI,PIO above the age of 21 years shall be eligible to become a member of the Council for advising the Council.
    (II) CATEGORIES OF MEMBERS OF COUNCIL: The member for various categories shall be appointed by the governing Council on the recommendation of the "Membership Committee" formed for this purpose. The guidelines for the admission of the membership shall be issued by the Governing Council. The council shall consist of the following categories of Members:
    a. Founder Member or Founder Trustees
    b. Life Members
    c. Ordinary Members
    d. Patron Members
    The Terms and conditions for different categories of membership shall be as under:

    ParticularsFounder MembersLife memberOrdinary MemberPatron Member
    EligibilityThe members who have signed the constitution.Members who enroll themselves as and when the governing council announces such membershipA person residing in india for more than 180 days in previous financial year.Appointmentby governing Council having special knowledge and Experience
    NumberMaximum 50 UnlimitedUnlimitedFive
    TermLifeLifeAs per the terms and conditions of membership2 years
    Voting at General MeetingYesYesYesNo
    Admission FeeRs.21,000/-as Corpus of the CouncilRs 11,000/- or as may be decided by governing council from time to timeRs. 1100/-per annum or as may decided by Governing Council from time to timeNIL
    Annual FeeNilNilMembers admitted between January to September Rs 500/- per annum: Members admitted july to December 350/- per annum for the first year and thereafter rs. 500/- per annum or as may be fixed by the Governing Council from time to be paid before December 31 of each year. NIL
    NominationNomination his successor or predecessorNot AvailableNot AvailableNomination

    1. Nomination of Founder Members:the founder members shall be nominated/appointed at meeting of the fonder members called for the purpose by the governing secretary.
    2. Membership Committee: all the applicationor removal of membership to council for different categories shall be scrutinized and approved by a MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE as per the norms set for the purpose by the governing council whose decision shall be final and binding on the members.the Membership Committee shall consist of minimum 3 and maximum 5 Members to be constituted by the Governing Council out of which more than 51% members shall be founder Members .the term of the Membership committee shall be 4 years. The members of the membership Committee shall not be members of Governing Council. The Membership of the Nomination Committee shall be have minimum gradute quqlification. The first membership committee shall consist of following members:

    The first Membership Committee shall consist of the following persons
    a. Dr. Navjot Dhaiya
    b. Mr. Sukhwinder Singh Lally
    c. Mr. Prabhjot Singh Gill
    d. Mr. Raghbir Singh Power
    3. The application for membership for founder member shall be recommended by at least two members out of which one shall be a founder member. The application for other categories of membership.
    Shall be recommended by minimum3 members out of which one shall be a Founder Member. Any member including a Founder Member shall not be allowed to make more than 2 recommendations in one year.

    4. All the applications approved by the membership committee shall be placed before the Governing Council for approval. The Governing Council may reject the application, approved by the Membership Committee , if it is satisfied that the admission of the applicant is prejudicial to the interest of the council or otherwise he is not eligible as per the norms of the council. Provided however that, the reasons for rejection shall be given in writing and not less than three fourth of the members are satisfied for the rejection. The governing council may at its discretion refer the matter back to membership committee for further clarification or reconsideration in the matter.

    (IV) RESIGNATION SUSPENSION AND TERMINATION OF MEMBERSHIP: the name of a member may be removed from the register of members only on the recommendation of the "memberhip committee". The guidelines for withdrawal /removal of member shall be issued by the governing council.

    1. Suspension from membership: A member who has not paid the dues within 30 days from the membership of the council.however the suspension will be revocable on the payment of membership fee within 90 days of the receipt of the show cause notice alongwith payment of rs.200/- as penalty.

    2. Removal From Membership: the membership of a member may be withdrawn or removed in the following circumstances:

    a. On Resigning In Writing : the council shall not, however, be liable to return any fee that may have been paid by the member in advance . a member who has withdrawn and whose subscriptions are not in arrears shall automatically recover the privileges of membership if he rejoins the council within a period of years withdrawal. He shall be liable to pay all dues as if he had not withdrawn.

    b. on death except for Founder Members with substitution of name of nominee

    c. on failing to pay the prescribed annual subscription within the stipulated time after the expiry of period of 90 days from the show cause notice of suspension from membership.

    d. if declared by a resolution of the Governing Council or otherwise considered undesirable, (Such member shall be having the right of appeal to the General Body which may reinstate , suspend for a period , or remove his name from the register of members . The decision of the General Body shall be final and conclusive).

    e. if found to be unsound mind by a Court Of Law.

    f. if convicted of a crime involving moral turpitude.

    g. Any other condition as may be implemented by Governing Council

    (v) PRIVILEGS OF MEMBERS a. the members shall have respective of attending meetings of the Council and such other rights and privileges as may, from time to time , be conferred by the rules of the council or by the Governing Council/ or the General Body.

    b.all the members except the patron members shall have the rights to seek election and cast vote to the Governing Council. The member may appoint one individual person being a member thereof to represented it and vote on its behalf at meetings of the General Body of the Council; and may appoint an alternate being a member thereof to replace its appointed representative as an observer at such individual person resigning or leaving a membership , he shall forthwith cease to be a representative thereof.

    c. all the members shall be eligible to become members of Executive Committee or Sub-Committee.

    d. The members shall have a right to attend social, cultural and other functions which may be arranged or organized by the council.

    e. the member shall have a right to have , if their subscriptions are not in arrears , all publications of the Council on payment or price , if any,.

    f. The members whose subscription is not in arrears shall have the right to inspect record of the council obtain copies of the record on payment of prescribed fee as per the guidelines issued by the governing council. Every such application shall be addressed to the governing secratery and approved by the government council. The decision of governing council accepting or rejecting such application shall be final.

    (vi) CORPORATE MEMBERSHIP: Associations and organizations, whether corporate or unincorporated,(and including branches of national or international organizations) which are voluntary or non-profit- distributing and which wish to support the objects of the council, shall be eligible to become corporate members of the council. The Corporate Member appointed as such shall not have right to vote at the meetings of the council or its committees. The corporate Member may appoint a nominee to attend the meetings of the council. The Annual Fees for such corporate membership shall be RS. 2500/-.

    (vii) Merger and Amalgamation of others societies): The council may mergeany other associations or society having similar objects and all the members of that society shall be charged. However, the Membership Committee may refuse to take any member of the amalgamating society for the reasons to be communicated in writing.

    4. THE GOVERNING COUNCIL Subject to the provisions of Memorandum of associations and rules and regulations of the council hero of, the policy and general management of the affairs of the council shall be directed by the governing council. As the trustees, the governing council on behalf of all members and may exercise on behalf of the council any or all of the powers enumerated in clause 3 of the Memorandum of Association.

    a. The governing council shall consist of not more than 21 members other than the patron and the corporate members out of which not less than 51% shall be nominated by the founders members. Minimum 2 members shall be nominated from ordinary members.

    b. The governing council have minimum 20 , law, finance, agriculture, small business, administration. The decision of nomination committee shall be final in determining the specialized knowledge or experience.

    c. The governing council shall appoint within its members a governing secratery who would be responsible for carrying out the directions of the governing council for the proper conduct of the affairs of the council. The governing secretary shall mainly be responsible for convening all the meetings of the council. The governing council will prescribe the powers of the governing secratory from time to time. The governiong secratory shall be a founder member of not less than 25 years of age and will act as secratory for the executive committee and all sub-committees.

    d. The governing council shall meet not less than 6(six) times a year and atleast one meeting should be held in 3 months.

    e. The term of member of the governing council shall be 2 years and such member cannot continue for more than 2 terms. A member shall be eligible for reappointment after one term.

    f. The governing council may appoint subject to regulations here in contained appoint any member to the governing council not exceeding the prescribed limit as additional governing council member and such member except the founder member shall hold the office upto the next annual general meeting. The members of the governing council other the founder members shall be appointed at the annual general meeting of the council and the term of office shall be determined from annual General meeting.

    g. If casual vacancies occur among the elected members of the governing council shall have power to fill the same from among the members of the council and who shall hold the office upto the next annual general meeting and would be eligible for re-appointement.

    h. The proceeding of the governing council shall not be invalidated by any failure to elect or any defect in the election, appointment,co-option or qualification of any member.

    i. All the applications for admission or removal of membership to governing council shall be scrutinized and approved by a NOMINATION COMMITTEE whose decision shall be final and binding on the members. The Nomination Committee shall consist of minimum 3 and maximum 5

    Members to be the constituted by that governing council out of which more than 51% member shall be founder members. The term of the nomination committee shall be 4 years. The members of the nomination committee shall not be members of governing council. The member of nomination committee shall be have minimum graduate qualification and income tax assessed for the last 2 years. The first Nomination Committee shall consist of following members.

    a. Mr. Datar Singh lally

    b. Mr.Baldev singh pattar

    c. Dr. Baljit singh johal

    Desired requirement, the same shall be desired requirement.

    K. Eligibility for Membership of governing council:

    a. only one member from the family can become a member of the governing council.

    b. the age of member shall not be less than 25 years and maximum 65 years as on the date of close of nomination.

    c. the member is not a office bearer of any political party holding any political post in any corporation, Committee, assembly, parliament or any political party.

    D.the member is not in arrears for payment of dues as on june30.

    1.any nomination for governing council shall not be rejected by the nomination committee if the Nominee fufils the norms enumerated hereinabove. M.A of the governing council shall cease to hold office if he:-

    (i) is disqualified from holding such office by virtue of any statutory enactment or provision of law or Is disqualified to become a member of the council .

    (ii) becomes incapable by reason of mental disorder, illness or injury of managing his or her own affairs,

    (iii) is absent without the permission of the governing council from all its meetings held within a period Of six months and the governing council resolves that he shall cease to hold office, or

    (iv) notifies the governing council in writing of his her resignation

    the collective marriages.

    (v)To provide a well-formulated de-addiction and rehabilitation program covering motivational counseling, detoxification ,sustained rehabilitation ,relapse prevention and after-care

    (vi) to adopt ways and means to introduce reforms in the social and cultural life of the community in general, such as encouraging work culture, simple living and economical use of all natural and man made resources.

    (vii) to educate jat sikh youth and campaign against social evils like drug addiction,owry and female in feticide and women discrimination.

    (viii) to run, maintain, and support charitable hospitals and dispensaries working for the poor.

    (ix)To be a means whereby the community of the area shall be able to voice their opinions on any matter affecting their lives and their welfare.

    (x)To provide financial or other assistance to the needy and derserving for this welfare, whether members of the Council or not.

    (xi) To establish, or secure the establishment of a Jat Sikh Counsil Center(hereinafter called "the center") and to maintain and manage the same ( whether alone or in co-opertion with any local authority or other person or body) in furtherance of these objects.

    (xii) To promote sports, Technical and non technical education and impart training to the needy and their dependants in schools, colleges and training centers.

    (xiii) To educate to preserve Sikh culture ,tradition & heritage.

    (xiv) To publish Newspaper ,Magazines and journals and to reproduce work of Art ,Literature, Science craft and other allied Works /collection of works of Art, for instructions and diffusion of useful knowledge.

    (xv) To hold periodic discussion, lectures, meetings, exhibitions and entertainments on matters of interest of community and other local people.

    (xvi) To promote communal harmony between various castes, sects, religions in India and abroad.

    (xvii) To promote the achievements of Sikhism in India and abroad

    (xviii) To promote peace and happiness amongst the different Communities and provide a platform for dispute settlement for common interest.

    (i) To promote such other charitable purposes as may from time be determined.

    (ii) To take such action in the interests of the community as appears to it to be desirable and practicable

    II Other Objects

    (i) To solicit donation, subscription,subscription and gifts for achieving the objectives of the council.

    (ii) To manage and disburse funds in such manner as the governing council and /or the General Body may think proper .

    (iii) To acquire and execute any Trust and to act as Trustees from time to time .

    (iv) To invest the funds in fixed return deposits with the banks ,financial institutions ,bonds as may be sanctioned by the Governing Council .no investment shall be made in equity based mutual funds.

    (v) To open and operate Bank Accounts and otherwise to deal with the funds of the council in such manner as may from time to time be considered proper.

    (vi) To raise lons from Government,Local Authorities , banks orother persons as may be necessary.

    (vii) To permit any of the buildings and property acquired or hired by the council to be used onsuch terms and nconditions as may be deemed fit ofr meetings, lecutrres, exhibitions, dramas, social functions, or for any other suitable purpose.

    (viii) to remunerate any persons or society or Body whether a member of the council or not for services rendered or to be rendered.

    (ix) To do all such other things as are incidental or conducive to the attainmentof or in pursuance of the objectives of the council.

    (x) To act as the bureau of information regarding the various Jat Sikh families of the area.

    (xi) To enable members to render help and advice to other members.

    (xii) The council shall be a purely social, cultural and non-political society and non-governmental organization.

    4. Area Of Operation: the area of operation shall be the district of jalandhar and thereafter extend to whole of India and abroad.

    5. POWERS : IN furtherance of the above said objects, and not otherwise, the council shall exercise power subject to the supervision and control of Governing

    Council and Societies Registration Act,1860 which may include interalia:

    (i)The income and property of the Council shall be applied solely towards the promotion of the aims and objectives of the Society as set forth in the Memorandum of association and no portion thereo of shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly to the members of the council.

    (ii) No member of the governing council/ executive committee or sub committees shall be offered any salary or remuneration/fee from the funds of the council except repayment of out of pocket expenses incurred or money lent/spent for the purpose of the council.

    provided that the governing council may allow remuneration subject to the following condition:

    i)Such member shall not be present at or take in any discussions or decision relating to such remuneration;

    ii)Any decision to remunerate such member shall be taken unanimously by the other members present and voting at the meeting the decision is made;

    iii)The other member are satisfied that the level of remuneration is reasonable and proper having regard to the services rendered by such member to the Society;

    iv)The other member are satisfied that the services rendered to the society are special value t the society having regard to such member ability, qualifications, or experience and the the nature of duties and time involved in performing such duties and/or to the level of remuneration for which for which he/she has agreed to provide them;

    v)The number of such member for the time being inn receipt of remuneration shall not exceed two at any point of time

    (iii)Employ such persons as are necessary for the proper pursuit of the objects and make all reasonable and necessary provision for the payment of pensions and superannuation for staff and their dependants;

    (iv)Affiliate to the national federation of community organization (community matters) and to other orgnization with similar charitable object.

    (v)The council shall have the power to make and regulations which shall from part of the meorandum of association.

    (vi) The Governing Council shall have the powers to issue directions, clarifications and frame guidelines for the conduct of the affairs of the Council and to cancel or amend any direction earlier issued under this clause which shall be binding upon the members, committees and sub-committees

    6. DISSOLUTION: If upon winding up or dissolution of the society , there remains any assets, after settling of its debts/liabilities, any property, whatsoever, the same shall not be paid to or distributed amongst the members but shall be given/transferred to some other institution having similar objects with consent of the members before its dissolution.

    7.ALTERATIONS TO THE CONSTITUTION (MEMORANDUM OF ASSOCATION AND RULES AND REGULATIONS) Any propos.al to alter this constitution must be delivered in writing to the Governing Secretary of the Council not less than 28 years before the date of the meeting at which it is first to be considered. Any alteration will require the apporoval of both:

    (a) A two third majority of members of the General Council present and voting at a General Council meeting;

    (b) A two-thirds majority of members with power to vote present and voting at a General Meeting. No alteration shall be made to this constitution which would cause the Council to cease to Basic Founding Principles.